Our Purpose

Rite Of Passage Ranch

Rite of Passage Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry taking fatherless boys on fishing, hunting, camping, whitewater rafting and ranch work weekends and summer trips. Our desire is to expose the boys to opportunities and experiences they have never had before to challenge them mentally, physically and spiritually.  We want to build lasting relationships that give us permission and opportunity to lead the boys to take steps towards a relationship with Jesus and become the men God has created them to be.

"Nothing changes the inside of a man like the outside of a horse", Ronald Reagan.  I have seen this firsthand. We worked on a boys ranch in Texas that had an extraordinary equine program.  When you have great horses and brilliant horse people like Dr. Kelly Riccitelli and her husband Rob teaching you how to not only ride but communicate and bond with a horse, the miraculous happens.  We had  accepted a young boy into our home on the ranch who look like a little thug.  Oversized white t-shirt, baggie shorts and white shoes.  He was trying to be hard, but he was really scared.  We put him on a horse the first week he was with us and you could see the transformation begin.  Into his third week he asked to borrow my spurs, to this day I still have not seen those spurs.  That young man now serves in the United States Army protecting our freedoms.  I have seen it happen over and over again.

Our goal is to have a working cow ranch.  A ranch where we can teach a boy to ride a horse and work a cow, to mend fences and haul hay, a place to experience a rite of passage into manhood and most importantly a place for the fatherless to meet the Father.

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Mark Mabry

Mark is attending Texas A&M in College Station working towards a Sports Management Degree.


Noah Montelongo

Noah serves in the Army and is stationed at Fort Hood in Killen, Tx.


Shawn Todd

Shawn is serving in the U.S. Marines Corps. and is stationed in Hawaii.

Making Men

Know The Truth


You are not broke and in need of fixing.  You have been lied to about who you are, what you are worth and you need to hear the truth.

Know Jesus


Knowing the truth about who you are and your value starts with knowing Jesus. John 8.32 says the truth will set you free.  When you know who Jesus is you know the truth.

Know Who You Are In Jesus


As you grow and mature in your relationship with Jesus, you will begin to experience the value He places on you.  Enough value to die for you.

Take Personal Responsibility


The only way to grow and fulfill your purpose, the purpose God created you for, is to take responsibility for your actions, good or bad.  Stop making wrong decisions and start making the right ones.

Build A Work Ethic


Hard work, responsibility and integrity have never been easy and they never will be.  Choosing to do the hard things will make you the man that people respect.

Be A Man Of God


Who you are when no one is looking is who you are.