About Us


What is Rite of Passage Ranch

Rite of Passage Ranch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry providing fatherless boys unique opportunities to challenge and lead them through a rite of passage into manhood.


The Mission of Rite of Passage Ranch is to introduce the fatherless to the Father.


Why Rite of Passage Ranch

With the rise of broken families, absent fathers are an epidemic that is crippling our boys.  Video games and pornography are rapidly filling the void that a fathers words and time once occupied.  The result is children left to themselves trying to figure out what life is suppose to be.  Left to themselves they are easily neglected by the single mom working extra shifts to make ends meet.  Some parents just don’t have what it takes to take care of their children and so they abandon them to the streets, other family members or even to strangers. Unfortunately these children all to often end up abused both physically and emotionally.  Rite of Passage Ranch exist to lead them and help them step into manhood so they can heal and thrive.